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    Default Kustom Pro Laser 1 Testing

    So I acquired a Kustom Pro Laser 1st generation lidar gun. I've looked for videos on youtube, searched the forums here and haven't found anyone who has reviewed this gun. I know leo's don't use it, but I bought it because I got a stellar deal on it and it's my first gun (though, certainly not my last) as an enthusiast. Before I did the testing I was told that this gun takes several seconds to acquire a speed, through I didn't find it to take that long. In fact, only a second or two max. I also recorded the alert of the LI just because I was curious. It's only 25 seconds long, because shooting and recording is pretty difficult

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    Default Re: Kustom Pro Laser 1 Testing

    Fun to play around with. For comparison, here is a PL3 at work video I shot this weekend on the way home from the Dallas meet. Without the camera balancing act, speeds are about 1/3 second:

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    Default Re: Kustom Pro Laser 1 Testing

    Nice video. The PL2 isn't much faster than that.

    Try it at night and see if headlights (esp. HIDs) "jam" it or make it take longer to get readings.
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    Default Re: Kustom Pro Laser 1 Testing

    Nice video! Looks like the trailblazer needs jammers.



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