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    Default Blinder 2.12 Test On my White Mustang

    Here are my results. Why Cat4 gets 2,000 ft PT's on the rear CM with the LA and then it's JTG's on the Driver's headlight I have no idea. I would say it's a install issue if it didn't do so well against the other guns. And I know the heads are level and pointing straight. Also I have Veil G4 on the headlights, taillights, and a super light coating on the license plate.


    CMF = JTG
    PHL= JTG
    DHL = JTG

    CMR = JFG
    DTL = 212
    PTL = 189, 412

    Laser Atlanta

    CMF = JTG
    PHL = 315, 266
    DHL = JTG

    CMR = 295, 541, 2048
    DTL = JFG
    PTL = 389

    Pro Laser 3

    JTG/JFG on all

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    Default Re: Blinder 2.12 Test On my White Mustang

    Seems like the Passenger Tail light is the major issue. It also seems like the Lasser Atlanta is tough for the Blinders. I really want to test my setup agains an LA too.

    Overall not bad though, expecially up front.

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    Default Re: Blinder 2.12 Test On my White Mustang

    Everything seems better with the upgrade with the exception of the Laser Atlanta. The Stalker last time was almost instant PT, so that was much better.

    LA seems to have Blinders number though and the bad thing is it's a gun Rocky sees on a regular basis.
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