I recently purchased the Laser Shield from Roy's site, and actually got hit with laser the very next day. I know many say they're "useless" or even "worse than useless" but I'm not so sure.

Got a call that my wife was being taken to the ER, so off I went. Came around a bend and an Ohio Trooper hit me with laser when I was going about 90mph. My laser detector showed that he kept the laser on me for a good 6-7 seconds while I was slowing down to 68mph. Knowing Ohio troopers, I can guarantee that if he got me at my initial speed, I would have been cited. He finally let off the laser when I was about 200 feet away.

Having a decent experience the day after installing the plate cover, I'm wondering if there isn't some truth to it being able to delay getting a reading. Unfortunately, I didn't see any actual tests of this vs. an uncovered plate.

Does anyone know of a true test of this product or similar passive devices?

Thanks in advance,