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    Default The Radar Test Gods smiled on me tonite.

    I was traveling thru a small town tonight in a 30mph zone approaching the town hall/police station from the west, when the V1 I recvíd last week(3.826) burped a Ka-Band alert. I have been running the V1 in ďAĒll Bogey mode with factory default settings, and it is mounted high on the windshield on one side of the rearview mirror, with the month old RX65(M4, 2.9) on the other side. I have been trying to find situations to compare the two on K-Band as that is what I face most of the time. One unit is always off when the other is on for testing purposes, and the RX65 is POP=On, Ka=USA & HWY.

    Up until this point I had always known this town to only have K-Band, but recently they purchased two new SUVís, and throughout the whole winter Iíve not seen them turn on their radar. So I didnít know if they had transferred existing equipment into the new SUVís or not. As I passed, I looked to see that they had left the unit in a parking lot about 150ft off the center of the roadbed facing East, but parallel to it with a large open field(600ft) in front of it, allowing good signal spread before striking trees & houses etc.

    I thought this was a great opportunity to test the two detectors, as I have seldom seen Ka-Band, and was not very happy to see it in this town, but I was to soon be much less happy. I traveled further down the road made a turn with the V1 and sped up to 30mph awaiting a response. The V1 alerted and I made a note of my position and then turned into a parking lot to change over to the RX65. I set the RX65 to Tech Display and went back to make another run. I was surprised that the RX65 alerted sooner than the V1 and then looked at the display, which brought about dismay, 35.5 was the bad news, itís possible a Talon now inhabits this town.

    I made a total of four runs with each detector, and was surprised at how consistent the RX65 was at alerting at 0.4 miles within feet of itself on each run. In contrast to how inconsistent the V1 was, as can be seen in the photograph. In four runs the V1 alerted 150ft, 300ft, 300ft, & 450ft later than the RX65.

    I felt the terrain & position of the cruiser was excellent, as it was offset from the road in such a way as to mimic an around the curve type of scatter situation. Trees, houses, and slight elevation changes made the cruiser invisible until you gained LOS at about 800ft. Now the dilemma, which detector to keep? The one better at K-Band or Ka-Band?


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    Oh no, don't let Brent Vino see this.

    Good post.

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    in area where I live(near chicago), Ka is most important, most of the time that's what they use

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    I had a Ka band encounter on my V1 today that was about a half of a mile. Lets say that I was not happy. ALL of the detector companies need to improve detection range on this band. :cry: :cry: :cry:
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