I was passing through the town of my first Ka test encounter when the V1 sounded a quick ramped Ka alert as I passed the police station. I looked to see that they had left the Ka gun on in their SUV once again, but it was parked at a 90deg angle to my directon of travel firing across the road. However, right across the street from the PD is the entrance to a small development that has a short circular(really squarish) road network.

Because of an appointment, I had limited time and knew I would only be able to make a few runs, but I didn't want to miss this opportunity. Each detector was tested with the other one off, and as before mounted high on the windshield within 2 inches of one another left to right.

I made three runs each in the green arrow direction(counter-clockwise), and one each in the yellow arrow direction(clockwise). In the green arrow direction it was a dead heat. I was using a telephone pole as a reference point, and it was a matter of a few feet response.

The yellow arrow direction was a shocker. There is a tree line maybe 150ft wide with a couple of houses in the grove. Neither detector made a peep, even though this section of road was much closer to on axis than the other. If this was 2000ft away I would be less suprised, but there is about 600ft of open field before the tree line from the front of the Ka gun.