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    Default Whistler Pro 73 First Test Run

    Hello everyone,

    After waiting for a week and with much excitement, I received my Whistler Pro 73. Today was my first test run with it and to my luck, I found LEO’s and a “your speed is” sign along door openers and other things ;p.


    I read the owner’s manual and did as they said, mount my Whistler as low as possible. But I got in a debate on whether I should or not so I mounted it high for my 30 mile trip to college. Also, while trying to mount it low, the unit was aiming straight up at the sky which didn’t make much sense to me.

    CVS Encounter:

    Shortly after leaving, I reached a CVS store and learned that CVS has a K band on their door openers, the signal was weak but I still got one up to 3 strength signal.

    Weight Station Encounter:

    About 15 minutes after driving without any alerts, I hit a weight station with a constant X alert. It went from 2 strength signal to 9 when I was right beside it. The weight station is stationed on a curve on the highway, I was able to get an X alert shortly after the curve to a dead on 9 strength signal, my Whistler went off for about 10-30 seconds, I didn’t get as much strength from the rear; perhaps because the X radar was facing the opposite way.

    I have yet to find out why a weight station may need a radar.

    LEO Encounter:

    As I went past the weight station I was reminded that there used to be about two to three LEO’s down the road about 5-8 minutes after the weight station. This is the part where the road goes from 65 down to 55 with two huge hills (about half a mile after (second down hill) LEO’s wait there, tricky bastards).

    After the road went down to 55 I switched lanes to the middle where as the LEO’s where on the left shoulder. Everyone’s slowing down, and that was a sign that the LEO’s I expected were there.

    I was surprised that my Whistler didn’t go off whatsoever, I passed the LEO’s carefully and saw one of them shooting what appeared to be laser (unfortunately, I was unable to read the unit he was using) but the LEO was standing outside still mainly shooting at the left lane, I’m unsure on whether they were shooting laser on the middle or far right lane because traffic was rather heavy, so seeing them shooting laser on the left lane only makes sense.

    But like I said, my Whistler didn’t go off at all. I even grabbed it and pointed it down a bit and nothing, so that tells me that I need to get some Veil/a laser jammer. This also tells me that laser is by far the most outstanding speed reader out there, due to its short beams it was unable to be detected.

    “Your Speed Is” Sign Encounter:

    Now I was on a neighborhood, nearby my destination. I was talking on the phone while going 25 on a rather lengthy curve and I get a K alert (2 strength signal), and I’m asking myself what in the world is going on here. And shortly after I get a full 9 strength signal and I look ahead to find out that there was a “Your Speed Is” sign, what I found interesting was that the sign wasn’t displaying my speed or anyone’s for that matter, may have been broken, but it was sure giving out a constant K signal. At this point, I found a perfect testing point which I came back to after class.

    Mounting Experiments following the “Your Speed Is” Sign:

    So, I wanted to see which one would benefit me the most and to tell you the truth it doesn’t seem to matter where the unit is mounted as long as it’s for radar. You recall me saying that when mounting low the unit was shooting at the sky, so I had to bend my mount piece a bit so that the Whistler would be pointing forward instead.

    Then I went back to the “your speed is” sign and made about 6 test runs going back and forth. I was surprised that mounting low or high didn’t really mattered; I had less of strength signal on the rear then from the front. While driving behind the sign my Whistler was unable to detect it from far back unless I was about 50-100 feet close to it, I got a huge rear detection until a little after the curve, I got much more detection when driving towards it.

    Now keep in mind, there were a lot of trees around as well as cars. I also stopped on the side (facing the radar) when I got a K 1 alert, and while cars passed I rarely lost the signal entirely or went from 1 to 2 and down to 1 again. And I also had a few more cars in front of me so I was very pleased with the results. I got a K 1 alert about a block before the radar, not sure how long in feet but it was about a 30-40 seconds drive on 20 mph.

    False Alerts:

    In total, I experienced 4 false alerts. One X 1 false alert on the highway near my exit. It may have been one of the buildings on the far left that may have caused it if they had an automatic door or it may have been a very weak X alert from a LEO because there are tons around my area.

    And as mentioned earlier, the CVS encounter and an additional Rite Aid and WaWa gas station X/K alerts, very weak signals at that no higher than 2.

    Other than that I had the most minimum amount of false alerts on this unit than other detectors I owned, such as the Cobra XRS 9500 (that thing would go off every 5-10 minutes on that highway but surprisingly on the same spots every time)


    Overall, I’m pleased with my new Whistler Pro 73. Its distance on detecting radar is very good which gives a driver enough time to react. Not so much with laser, but then again laser is pretty much dead on with its small beam and even if detected the laser may have already gotten a speed check. But having encounter those LEOs with laser gave me a fair warning that I need some sort of laser jammer or veil.

    Whistler Pro 73 receives a 4 out of 5 on my end, while my previous radar detectors Cobra XRS 9300 and 9500 are a 1 (maybe .6 at that) out of 5; one point due to it’s LOADED features and -4 due to it falsing all the time).

    In addition, I don't believe that Cobras are THAT great looking. When I first got my Whistler Pro 73, I found it to be far better looking than the Cobra XRS 9500, it's got a shiny black cover and a curvy look that gives it a nice look, its front area is also thicker and bigger making it look like a bad boy that can detect anything (and surely it does).

    More to Come:

    If you liked my review of the Whistler Pro 73, just wait till bgf9000d and perhaps other forum members finish our Whistler Pro 73 video. I’ll start making a view clips of my encounters in the next following days, hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading ;p.

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    good write up

    1 mounting

    just mount high... low is for better laser but thats a hopeless case

    there should be a button in the back that makes it go further into the bracket mount so its not facing up int he sky

    2 laser

    you probably werent targeted or when you pointed the detector down he was done lasering you, fix that mount.

    veil and laser shield will not help if you detector wont even alert to laser

    3 speed sign mounting

    mounting high will probably affect over the hill detection as the detector will be able to see over the hill, if its flat there probably wont be a difference in mounting position

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    Hey people....I've had my Pro73 for about 3 months and like it. Haven't had many encounters but the ones I have had with a couple of speed signs shooting K band and 1 cop on a motorcycle shooting KA have been pretty impressive. About 1 mile on K and KA as well. Everything is pretty flat and the roads straight here in Texas. Good detection for the price.
    Only had it for 3 months and lookin for something better. Possibly a V1 or X65.



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