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    Default Whistler Pro 58 Review

    Last week I got a Whistler Pro58 eventually give to my dad. Of course, I had to try it out as my curiousity was killing me. Now, I did compare it to my V-1 1.8 POP2...and both were on at the same time high up on the window above the rearview mirror. I know you are not suppose to do this...but I did it anyway. I did have the Pro58 on, at times, by itself.

    Here is comparing the apples to oranges....

    (V-1 in "L" [advanced logic mode]....Pro58 in "H" [highway] mode)

    1) Driving through country intersection, Sheriff Patrol with KA radar on (about 50 yards to my right coming at me). V-1 side arrows lit, most LED's lit, mostly full audio alert. Pro58 only a brief KA alert for 2 seconds. LED "1" lit up. Interesting.

    2) Same Sheriff Patrol Constant-On Ka Band radar behind me 150 yards for 2 miles...some straightaways..some hills and curves. V-1 rear arrow lit, all LED's lit, full audio alert. Pro58....nothing except for two quick KA LED "1" alerts. BIG disappointment.

    3) Driving past known K-band and X-band door openers. V-1 usual "wide" coverage from sides. Pro58 seemed to have very narrow reception. Very limited alerts from "radar sources" from the sides. Now, this could be good or bad.

    4) Driving down expressway. Both units on. Instant on K-band blasted car in front of me..I was about 1/2 mile from State Trooper in Median..snuggled in trees. I was going 78 in 70 zone. He then zapped me around 150 feet. I was down to 72. V-1 alerted full at 1/2 mile about 1/2 second quicker than Pro58. Pro58 alerted LED "5" at 1/2 mile. At 150 feet, both alerted same time.

    5) Road Construction signs in Grand Rapids, MI emitting K-band radar. About one mile out V-1 picks up initial alert. (Signs were NOT on straightaway...instead around corners, etc). Pro58, about 1/2 mile warning.

    6) Pro58 alerted me to about 1/2 dozen falses from other radar detectors coming at me. V-1 kept quiet. When the Pro58 sounded off an alert and the V-1 did not, I was observant of cars coming at me. That way I knew what car had the radar detector in it.

    7) Programming the unit was easy enough. Audio alerts were adequate. The "Intense Blue Display" was totally lost in the sun when I initially attached it to the windshield. I like the red display on the V-1 better.

    I know, V-1 = 400 bills. The Pro58 = 69 bills. Really no comparison. BUT I just thought you guys would want to see this.

    Instead of paying the 15% restocking fee from where I bought it (edited to delete website!) AND shipping back to them, I will put it on EBAY..and hope to get the 69 smacks back....and I will look into BELS (Like I originally was going to do!).

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    Sorry to hear that the Pro58 was such a disappointment for you. At least if nothing else you might save some people from buying it when something else might suit them better. Sounds to me that Whistler has dialed back Ka sensitivity to cut the POP falses, bummer, because Whistler was usually a good buy for the money.

    Sounds like the K sensitivity of the 58 is good for the money, but for those of us likely to run up against Ka, there may be better models to look at.

    Thanks for the time in testing.

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    to hear about you pro58 yup that is what my $40d whistler 1730
    does you should of got the cheapy one they do the same thing and aalot
    cheaper the only thing is PoP mode but like i say PoP IS not good in any cheap radar detector!

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    I'm sorry i recommended it but according to Roy's test it was the best in your price range, also you were comparing to a top detector

    Spoiler: show

    Radar Detectors-V1 & BEL v995
    Laser Jammer-Laser Interceptor Quad
    GPS Camera Locator-Cheetah C100
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    CB Radio-Galaxy DX-949 w/Wilson 500
    Scanner-RS Pro-96

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    i think you would have faired better with the cool pro 73. It aint no valentine but I will admit. I sometimes seriosuly question which is better on laser RX 65 or Cool Pro 73. Whistler has figured out laser quite well. As sometimes my whistler will go off before the rx 65 does. And the detectors are very far apart. I also ran them independently to. Also it helps to mount the detector in the right position. Here is my post on this

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    You should never run 2 or more detectors in a vehicle at the same time. While some models may not interfer with each other, others interfere to a large extent. The interference is not necessarily noticed by self alerting but sometimes it woll cause one or both detectors to not report the presence of radar. Distance can also be compramised.



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