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    Default Why are people such oblivious and complacent drivers?

    Here is just one of numerous things that happened to me on my trip home from college today (dull... but shows a dumb driver):

    [ame=]YouTube - Complacent Driver (Bad driving habits)[/ame]

    I don't understand how people get away with 'carelessly' backing out like this... granted they weren't flying, but all they had to do was look, see 2,800 pounds of bright red coming toward them and stop.

    You can post some of your moronic encounters too... just a little rant I am going on.

    The worst part is I have insane things happen everytime I don't run the camera... I run it 95% of the time, and the 5% I don't... everything worth recording happens.

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    Default Re: Why are people such oblivious and complacent drivers?

    Theres always going to be ignorant and careless people in this world..........or until 2012...jk....

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    Default Re: Why are people such oblivious and complacent drivers?

    I had a lady do the EXACT same thing to me, and then she started to shout at my when I looked at her like she was an idiot. I almost got out of the car and smacked her and her husband (who was in the drivers seat). That kind if stuff makes my blood boil.. ARGGH!

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    Default Re: Why are people such oblivious and complacent drivers?

    I see too many clueless drivers all the time. A loud horn + good brakes & tires is the best defence

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    Default Re: Why are people such oblivious and complacent drivers?

    Clueless, and drivers who are so self-centered (world revolves around them) that they can't bother with simple courtesies and/or warnings:

    1. Rolling through stop signs

    2. Holding a cell phone to their ears with one hand or shoulder while driving.

    3. Texting while driving

    4. Turn signaling a lane change or a left/right turn... what's a turn signal? My experience in the Southern states is that Alabama and Virginia drivers are the worst offenders.

    5. Driving slow in the left lane

    6. Turning left on a solid line, holding up traffic behind them.

    7. Misses their turn (or determines the turn lane they are in is not where they need to turn) so instead of driving ahead and finding a place to turn around, they block traffic in the turn lane in order to wait for an opening to get back in the straight moving lanes.

    8. Holding up traffic to let someone turn left out of a shopping center or restaurant, and creating a hazard because the person turning can't see either on-coming traffic or traffic coming down a 2nd lane.

    9. Too busy with the radio (or whatever) to notice the light has turned green. The worst offenders fail to go until the light is yellow, or don't go at all. I have a hair trigger horn button when the light turns green and they are oblivious to it.

    10. Driving 10 mph or less below the PSL and constantly jabbing the brakes because they didn't bother to get good directions (see item 7). Again, so self centered they'll hold everyone else up from their destination in order to avoid spending an extra minute turning around if they miss their turn.

    11. People who purposely slow way down and take extra time turning because "this is my street/neighborhood I'm turning into and I want everyone else to slow down to nearly a stop" (usually the same guy/gal who drove 15 over the PSL until they got near their neighborhood!).

    12. Approaching a 3 way or 4 way stop at the same time, and not respecting the rule that the driver to the right goes first.

    13. Failure to yield at yield signs, and instead cutting in front of on-coming traffic, then proceeding slower than the traffic was going.

    14. Approaching a 3 way or 4 way stop slightly ahead of another driver, so the other driver stops way ahead of the sign so they can go first, saving themselves 2 seconds of time.

    15. Driving 10 mph below the PSL on Sundays! Especially when they have cars piled up behind them for half a mile and can't do the courtesy of pulling off the road to let them by! Arrrgggghhh!

    16. Driving below the PSL and then speeding up when you get to a passing zone!

    17. Driver's who can't maintain a consistent speed. 10 mph slower up hills and around slight corners, 10 mph faster down hills and 15-20 mph faster when the road is flat and straight. Many of the offenders I see doing this around here have Florida tags... maybe they've gotten to used to all the flat grades in Florida?

    18. On multi-lane roads, drivers who will drive at exactly the same speed as the driver to the left or right of them, often for miles, making it impossible to pass.

    19. Pickup trucks with trailers going down the left lane 5 mph faster than the speed limit and because they are just slightly overtaking the traffic to their right they ignore all the cars piling up behind them in the left lane. Cars do this too, but trucks with trailers seem to be the worst case.

    20. Driver's who use two feet to drive automatics, oblivious to the fact that their brake lights keep blinking due to the slightest touch of their left foot.

    21. Drivers with the attitude that its not good enough for them to hear their sound system... they want everyone else to also hear it. Usually playing rap music, wearing a baseball cap backwards/sideways, or under the age of 25.

    22. Too cool to drive like a human being, so they recline their seat back to the point where they can barely see over the steering wheel and drive around slow as can be. A twist on this is guys in ricers who for some reason or another (maybe they think it helps the car's center of gravity) think they should be driving while leaning as much as they possibly can towards the passenger seat.

    23. You're at a red light with two lanes, in the right lane waiting for the light to turn green. On the other side of the light, the lanes merge into 1 lane. Someone approaching from behind slows down slightly ahead of the intersection so they don't have to stop, then zip past you as the light turns green. They merge in front of you, then drive slow! Thankfully the supercharger usually eliminates this from being a problem!

    Just a small sampling of the things which irk me.
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    Default Re: Why are people such oblivious and complacent drivers?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Chariot View Post
    Clueless, and drivers who are so self-centered (world revolves around them) that they can't bother with simple courtesies and/or warnings:


    Those are 23 things LEO could enforce and make 10x the revenue they take in speeding tickets.

    Funny how "speeding" doesn't fall into any of those items, but driving slow covers several of them.

    One that irks me is those who brake for NO reason. For example, they are going down a hill, and their speed creeps up to 1 mile over PSL, they brake. Worse yet, they do it on the highway on a downgrade or before a curve. If there's no one in front of you, there's no reason to brake. Just coast, for Pete's sake! Braking wastes energy, and makes people behind you slow down too, thinking there's something up ahead.
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    If I'm passing you on the right, YOU are in the wrong lane!

    If speed kills, how come I'm still alive?

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    Default Re: Why are people such oblivious and complacent drivers?

    One thing I'll say about Georgia drivers... we seem to have a thing for tailgating. My wife and I get good laughs on out of state road trips, because we'll see a car up ahead tailgating another driver. There's no traffic, passing lane is wide open and yet they'll continue to tailgate. One of us will usually say "bet its a Georgia driver" and sure enough half the time it is. Don't know if its the native Georgians or transplants who are guilty of this, but its quite common here.

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    Default Re: Why are people such oblivious and complacent drivers?

    Must be natives, when I find an empty passing lane I'm using it, I don't care what speed they are running.

    But I love your list, all of those things get on my nerves too.
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    Default Re: Why are people such oblivious and complacent drivers?

    Getting cut off in Georgia is a real big problem too. If I leave more than 1 car length in front of me the d-bags always want to swerve in front of me at the last second without a turn signal of course. Now I have to hit the brakes and risk getting rear-ended.

    Another thing that aggravates me is similar to that video, only once they are in front of you they accelerate at 1mph a second...

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    Default Re: Why are people such oblivious and complacent drivers?

    the majority of people in the world let alone out on the road are not that bright



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