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    Default KAT Matrix accelerometer

    Was looking at this device online; it's pretty cheap (under $30) and displays g-force in 3 axis, as well as computing 1/4 mi times, 0-60, etc.

    Is this device any good? Anyone here have any experience with it?

    I'm not a tuner or racecar driver, I was just looking for something to show me acceleration G force and 0-60 just so I know (and can compare in different cars).

    Thanks for any input you have.

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    Default Re: KAT Matrix accelerometer

    KAT = Kick Ass Technologies. Do you really trust a company with "Ass" in its name? If their pedometer for the car works as well as their RDs, you'll have yourself a $30 paperweight.

    Ass Technologies is giving the Escort meter a run for the money.

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    Default Re: KAT Matrix accelerometer

    Just get a g-analyst from VR.

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    Default Re: KAT Matrix accelerometer

    Quote Originally Posted by dpatel01 View Post
    KAT = Kick Ass Technologies.
    KAT == RMR. That should explain it all...
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