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    Default Question for TN residents or LEO's that may be on here please

    Hi, first of all, with regards to my question, I am a native of the volunteer state, but now live in Colorado. Anyway, while growing up I had always heard that THP and most agencies consider 20 MPH or over the posted speed limit to be "default" reckless driving by speed. However, I have searched the T.C.A. statutes (Tennessee Code Annotated) and cannot find any law that specifically states that 20 over the PSL is any more of an egregious violation than say 10-15 mph in excess of the speed limit. Anybody know the truth regarding this? I'll be honest, I typically drive 75 MPH thru Knoxville on I-40 (artificially low posted at 55 on the interstate btw) and would really like some clarification so I don't really screw myself while visiting family out there in a couple of weeks. Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Question for TN residents or LEO's that may be on here please

    On a TN license, 20 over the PSL is 4 points on your license; I don't know about on a CO license.

    Schedule of Points Values

    Tennessee Speed Laws : Legal Resources

    Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Question for TN residents or LEO's that may be on here please

    I have no idea about the 20 over/reckless driving question. Sorry...

    Be careful on that stretch of I-40, though!! Every time I go through there, Knoxville PD has units out working. It seems to be especially bad on weekdays. I've seen mostly marked units, and maybe two unmarked (blue crown vic, and also a charger.)

    Also watch out if you get onto I-75 from I-640 (still in Knoxville city limits.) I've seen KPD hanging around the very edge of the city limits up on I-75N.

    maybe you're already aware of all of what I wrote, but I see people stopped every time I go through there, so wanted to warn you.

    and yea, I agree that 55 is ridiculously low.



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