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    While out doing some running this morning I was passed by a car that had every window except the windshield covered with snow. The rear window was completely covered, there is no possible way the driver could see anything out of it. The door windows were covered by snow that was starting to melt from the heat inside the car, so I'm sure they could see something but visibility was definitely less than 100%. Snow was on the front of the car as well, covering most of the headlights. The best part is this driver went right by not one but 2 leos who did nothing. I would say it was unbelievable but for the fact that I wasn't surprised.

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    Dangerous. Not to mention the inevitable cloud of powder blinding anyone following behind the guy.

    I really wish LEOs would be more proactive in giving warnings to stupid driving like this, as well as to people like who I saw out driving yesterday in a sleet storm without their lights on.

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    agreed with both of you guys, if i was a LEO, i'd give more tickets to people for not using their headlights in the rain, and not taking the snow off the top of their cars.

    it's freaking dangerous when you're going 55 - 60 mph and a chunk of snow flies off at your car. and people don't care!

    two of my biggest driving pet peeves

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    Especially when you are on motorcycle!

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    wow, things like this amaze me. And i get a ticket for an illegal left turn at 12 am, with no one else on the road...

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    We call it Mobile Igloo
    O divine art of subtlety and secrecy!
    Through you we learn to be invisible, through you inaudible;
    and hence hold the enemy's fate in our hands.

    -- Sun Tzu, The Art of War, c. 500bc

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    I think for most people you can chalk it up to laziness and/or procrastination by leaving home at the last second trying to get to where ever their going in a hurry.

    Just a thought.



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