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    Default How many accident "close calls" do you have

    I'm not trying to pimp my driving skills because I'm not a very safe driver. But I rarely have any close calls. I bring this up because I was riding with my friend Joel last night and he almost hit two cars. Granted neither of them was his fault but I couldn't help thinking that both near incursions were avoidable if he had just used a little common sense.

    For instance, if you're steaming up the service road to get on the freeway and you see another vehicle merging onto the service road in front of you. Where do you think the merging vehicle is going to go next? The entrance ramp probably? And unless it's a SRT8, not likely to get up to 70 mph anytime soon.
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    Default Re: How many accident "close calls" do you have

    Maybe 3 close calls in 4 years all due to drivers not paying attention.

    I had one woman get onto the highway where her lane just keeps going and she decides to keep going into mine.....

    The on this one highway the exits and merging lane are extremely tight. I was driving my friend and someone went to merge not caring and almost created a huge disaster.

    The last I don't remember at the moment.

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    Default Re: How many accident "close calls" do you have

    I had a close one a few days ago here. I was driving along this neighbourhood and a woman was pulling out onto the road from the rear exit of a shop just as I was passing it.

    I just noticed that she was only looking one way to see if there was traffic coming (granted its not an easy job there) but she was not looking in my direction at all . Only for a quick honk on the horn, she would have driven into the side of my car as I was passing by.

    I suppose when she got home (assuming she made it at all driving like that), she probably complained to her hubby about how this bad person blew the horn at her for no reason today as she was trying to leave a car park .

    Next time, check both sides b***h .

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    Wink Re: How many accident "close calls" do you have

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    Default Re: How many accident "close calls" do you have

    Too many.

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    Default Re: How many accident "close calls" do you have

    Ha, too many to count. I'll share the most memorable ones though:

    -On Gessner Rd., I once came close to t-boning a car (not my fault). A couple years ago I had to drive down that damn road every morning to get to school. You pretty much have to learn a whole new style of driving for that road (Gessner style driving) otherwise you would more than likely wreck. Anyways, people there are notorious for pulling out into the middle of the median even though it isn't big enough to fit their car. So, you got people pulling out in front of you and the back end of their car takes up a whole lane on your side of the road. Well, I had an old Cadillac do this and I had to swerve over two lanes to avoid hitting him. I wasn't even speeding; I'll never forget the screech my tires made. I thought I would spin out after swerving.

    The other notable close call haopened on a Farm-To-Market road outside of Katy. I was booking pretty good; I always do on the little back roads since there is little to no enforcement on those roads. On the other side of the road, there were two big rigs coming as well as a Lotus that was hidden behind them. The Lotus makes his move around the first rig pretty quick but rather than "leap frog in between the two rigs and wait for me to pass, he guns it and atempts to try and pass the second rig as well. At this point, I start hitting the brakes hard because I already knew a head on collision was pretty much guarnteed. My guess is he misjudged my speed. So I keep braking and literally dive into the ditch (hardly any shoulder). A little of my truck was still sticking out on the road but the lead trucker moved over into the tiny shoulder to allow just enough room for the Lotus to squeeze past.

    I personally most of the countermeasure users here are actually safe drivers, even more safe than the average driver. For me, the countermeasures make me pay more attention to what is going on around me. IMO the average driver doesn't pay that much attention (cell phone usually sometimes makeup...) or has tunnel vision and only pays attention to what is going on right in front of them.
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    Default Re: How many accident "close calls" do you have

    I drive so much that my stupid encounters are probably more than average

    Avoiding accidents is mostly about just paying attention to what the rest of the ding-dongs are doing around you.

    400 hp and Brembo brakes come in handy sometimes as well...

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    Default Re: How many accident "close calls" do you have

    Just 3. But then again I've only been driving by myself for 2 years. First time I was on my way to school one morning. I'm going 45 about to cross an intersection. I'm in the left lane that goes straight across the intersection so I can take the next turn onto the street in front of my school. One car in the left turn only lane decides that he wants to go straight and instead of just flipping around, he cuts out from a dead stop across a solid white line in front of me while I'm doing 45. I skidded to a stop less than a foot off his bumper, I couldn't weave into the lane to my right because there was a car there. The second time was at the same intersection. A bus had been in the left turn lane and blocked view of the cars on the other side of the road to turn left. One of the cars decided it would be alright to just try and gun it. Long story short I had to cut across 2 lanes of the road in the center of an intersection to keep from T-Boning the guy who didn't want to wait until the bus moved. The third time I have posted in the real experiences right now of the grandma who cut in front of me at while I'm doing 60 leaving about 30 feet.

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    Default Re: How many accident "close calls" do you have

    In Utah I was on a 4 lane State Road where the speed limit is posted as 55. Of course I was driving about 60-62. There is a stop light with Railroad tracks running diagonally across the intersection. As I'm approaching the green light a car decides to turn left in front of me. I slow down to about 55 by lightly tapping the breaks in accordance to avoid hitting him. Well the car behind him decided to cut me off.

    I SLAMMED on my breaks as to not T-bone him. Hit the patch of scattered gravel and railroad tracks perfectly enough to make my car loose control. I tried to keep it going in a strait line. In the end my car was looking the way I was originally coming from. I was pissed!!! I step on the gas and follow that person as closely as I could (still safely) while on the phone with 911. The person driving (a 17 year old girl, I was 19 at the time) drove to her house!!! I pull onto the shoulder of the road in front of her house and she ran into her house. Within seconds her parents came out and started yelling at me about trespassing (keep in mind I was on the shoulder of the road). Well, within a minute 2 LEO's arrived at the house and took our statements.

    In the end, my alignment was thrown off and the girls insurance covered it. What can I say, when you're 19 there is nothing you should love more than a attractive girl close to your own age; however, I enjoy intelligence

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    Default Re: How many accident "close calls" do you have

    way way too many to count! matter of fact, i almost got rear-ended by this black chevy suburan today. i was trying to get into another lane (trafic jam) and this SUV was driving soo fast almost plow into me. i can see from the RVM that he was like inches from me when i hear the loud sound from his hard tires braking. i guess you get more close calls when you are in the cities.



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