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    Default Enforcement on Google Street view...

    I used it to put a few on Trapster, I say lets see some screen shots of the radar and LIDAR traps on Street or satellite view. Bonus points for ENRADD, parked int he PD doesn't count I've checked a bunch of my local hotspots and so far nada.

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    Default Re: Enforcement on Google Street view...

    Ha, I found one checking a known enforcement point on Trapster.

    Google Maps

    Looks like a roadworthy or breath test checkpoint in action.

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    Default Re: Enforcement on Google Street view...

    If you move to the front of the car you can see the officer hiding from streetview.

    Local Trap This isn't a speed trap for the Sheriff but a different city shoots laser there. The County sits there and looks for bs to pull you over and search your car for drugs and boy do they get a lot.



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