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    Default U-Turn Trap in Red Deer Alberta

    Wow. Got a ticket for an illegal U-Turn at a controlled intersection this weekend. I don't live in this city and was a bit lost. I needed to turn left at some point and approached an intersection with a left turn lane that turned onto a road. I got into the left lane and once I was in the intersection, noticed the road was closed. You can't tell its closed untill you are in the intersection. So now I am in tight spot. Two choices, both of which are $115 fines and cost 2 demerit points. Make an illegal and unsfae lane change in the intersection. Dicey as any opening I would have to get into a right lane would be taken by one of the many oncoming cars waiting to turn left. Other option, U-Turn. Either way its a ticket but a huge gap in oncoming traffic made a U-Turn the safest option. I did that and got pulled over. This is obviously a trap. Otherwise they would block the lane off or cover up the light, you know, close the lane that leads no where. I spoke with a guy who lives in Red Deer and he confirmed that RCMP use it to trap drivers into U-Turn or lane change tickets. Check out the pictures linked. Its pretty bad. Anyone ever fight a U-Turn ticket and win?

    Flickr Photo Download: Approaching the Intersection
    Flickr Photo Download: In the Intersection

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    Default Re: U-Turn Trap in Red Deer Alberta

    Fight it, as it's essentially entrapment, if you can't tell the road is closed until it's too late and your only choice are ticketable moves.

    I wonder, could you have gone straight through the left turn lane when the straight-thru light was green? Or do you think they would have ticketed you then too?
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    Default Re: U-Turn Trap in Red Deer Alberta

    I plan on fighting it. Not only is it a trap, but its dangerous. What if someone were get stuck as I did and, out of fear of doing a U-Turn, decided to try and change lanes head-on into someone turning heading the other way? Endangering people so they can have a U-Turn trap. Pathetic. I better win. And not just a reduction in the fine/demerits. I want the whole ticket thrown out.

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    Default Re: U-Turn Trap in Red Deer Alberta

    maybe its just me but i dont see a no u-turn sign there...

    anyway, that situation is indeed very dangerous. just like you said a novice driver can get scared to make a u-turn and think that switching lanes back into traffic would be a good idea but it could cause an accident. I would fight it, although you should take your own pictures besides the ones off google maps.


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    Default Re: U-Turn Trap in Red Deer Alberta

    Yeah I am going back up there Sunday to get some pictures. No U-Turn sign because in Alberta its illegal to pull a U-Turn at a controlled intersection.

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    Default Re: U-Turn Trap in Red Deer Alberta

    Well obviously the solution is to back up in the turn lane far enough that you could switch lanes without doing it in the intersection.

    I can't believe they're actually letting a hazard exist to profit from it. That's way worse than a speed trap where they're just catching you doing what you're doing.

    If you have the equipment I would take video of the entire route that you took, to prove that there were no signs warning of the closure.

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    Default Re: U-Turn Trap in Red Deer Alberta

    Well as far as I can tell, there is enough room on the road that is closed that you could have turned in it, But then again with out seeing any no U-Turn sign I would have done the U-turn as well.

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    Default Re: U-Turn Trap in Red Deer Alberta

    so what happens if youre not from around there and dont know the no u-turn rule? I think thats such bs. theres a T intersection around my house and the street that comes to a dead end clearly states "No Right Turn on Red" i see at least one person every time i pass by there turn right on red. its ridiculous but at least its not a trap like this.

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    Thumbs up Re: U-Turn Trap in Red Deer Alberta

    i would say to fight it ... and keep us updated on the case

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    Default Re: U-Turn Trap in Red Deer Alberta

    Yeah in retrospect I could have pulled a 3-point turn in that dirt "driveway" but then...a 3-point turn in an intersection? A U-Turn is way safer. Just have to look for an opening in oncoming traffic and take it. A 3-point turn requires finding an opening, turning into the "driveway", looking over my should and waiting for another opening so I can reverse into the intersection (that sounds safe!). People heading south into the intersection and west into the intersection. thanks. If you notice in the picture, people heading west into the intersection get a left turn only sign, going into the driveway not allowed. Heading the way I was heading (north) you get a turn lane and your very own green light leading you to....nothing.



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