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    I've been doing some research and it seems for ~$2000 you can get a decent camera that sees ~2000ft, or for ~$500 one that sees ~500ft. I am looking at these mostly for detection of animals in/close to the road at night as I tend to do a lot of non-highway driving at night. On a night I go to visit my girl (1 hour drive) i usually encounter 15-20 deer on a standard summer night. Most of the PSL are under 45 so i think 500ft would be sufficient as usually once the brakes are hit the deer tend to scatter (they jump back and forth sometimes not sure which direction to go so it takes them a while to clear the road, so if you are too close to them when you start to brake you could be in trouble).

    That being said, I dont mind putting in a good handful of hours if it can save me ~$200. Has anyone ever built one of these, or know of somewhere I could find one cheaper? Im no stranger to technology and I dont mind taking the time to research and learn (thats basically all I do anyway as I am still in school) but I thought I would ask here before I dove in.

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    Built? I don't know of anyone, but I have purchased the L3 300D off of ebay for ~1500. They usually show up at 2,000. A unit that only sees 500 ft is about how far your lights are going to go anyway. The screen for me is only 3.5" and I can say, it is sort of hard to see, which is why I installed a 7" screen for the passenger.

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    The biggest problem I have with deer is their difficulty to spot even in nearly direct light. We have a million fireflys so sometimes its damn near impossible to distinguish unless the deer are moving, which a lot of times they wont do until you get close. Maybe someday when I have a larger budget ill check back on these, thanks

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    If you drive at any sort of speed, I would suggest opting for the unit that can view 2000 feet ahead. Better safe than sorry



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