Hello again Enthusiasts!

Subject line and "again" explained by my "exploring your community" post which is in the General>introduce yourself sub-form (too noob to provide link)

I enjoy calling you folks 'Enthusiasts' because it does speak to your level of interest and promotes the sense that you are self-made experts(plus it gives me an excuse to capitalize a noun that is not proper). A lot of that stems from being involved in this community.

My intro was wordy, just like this one will be, but I don't think it conveyed the true level of simpatico I have with you. In addition to having driven a big truck, I have driven professionally in other capacities as well. This includes Yellow Cabs, pizza delivery, courier, building material delivery, and even race cars. Well...that last one... who remembers Malibu Grand Prix? I was a mechanic for them and sometimes justified test drives and laps to scrub-in new tires. In other words, I have done a lot of driving.

However, even in this depressed economy, I refuse to take another driving job because the stress levels build up and accrue such that I dread getting behind the wheel. If driving isn't going to be fun as a result, then I am not going to do it for a living. It's enough to have road trips and commutes. Of course the reason that stress gets so built up is dealing with idiots and unsafe conditions created by other drivers.

Don't think that I am pointing the finger at you guys.While I am sure there are a few of you that would prompt me to shake my fist at your taillights, for the most part the big 'E' in Enthusiasts is my way of saying that you are concerned with maximizing the experience, not the expenses (money and otherwise).

I want to invite you guys to express yourselves. Let me tell you where this is going.

My fiancee is a published freelance writer for Texas Highway Patrol Magazine. I pitched this story idea to the editor and he green-lighted the idea. Even today we are going to a DPS office for research on another one of her articles. I have been in the room before as she interviewed three patrolmen. I made a quick aside about this story idea and got some interesting perspective. "Everyone speeds." They are hunting for the trouble makers. They are well aware of the limitations and capabilities of countermeasures. This article is for them to read.

This is the opportunity for you to insert the humanity which is part and parcel to the driving experience. You are not going to disavow them of their views on countermeasures, but you may increase understanding for who is behind the wheel.

One day, between Houston and Austin, I was daydreaming and lost track of my speed and rolled right into an excellent area for a speed trap. I quickly pulled over and provided the officer with the requested documentation as we stood away from the side of the road. He noticed my agitation and asked if there was anything in the vehicle he would find interesting. I told him no and invited him to search. When asked why I was so agitated I told him it was because I was aggravated with myself for losing just that bit of control in not paying attention to my speed. I told him I knew he was doing his job and I wasn't mad at him. He didn't search the car, did give me my ticket and the requisite lecture about being careful.

Yes, I realize this is practically a commercial about the benefits of countermeasures and you are welcome to view it as such.

You can gather that I am a go-with-the-flow driver and am aggravated with disruptions to that flow. I am not aggravated by drivers that pick their spots to make it around slower traffic. I understand slower drivers that are self-aware enough to stay out of the way(apparently I am one of them). Not buying countermeasures is a personal decision, not moral or ethical.

So, I am not just looking for the 'save' stories, or the ones where you wished you had blah, blah, blah... I want the feelings behind those stories.

You are going to continue to maximize your driving experience, they are going to continue to pull over careless drivers. (catch the keyword there?)

And you know I salivate over getting the perspective of folks like Radar Roy or any other former/current LEOs.

I am open to PMs, emails, IMs, carrier pigeons, phone calls, or meet and greets.