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    Angry MFFYs Everywhere

    In CA a marked bike lane will usually double as a right turn lane within 200' of an intersection. Cars are not only allowed but required to enter the bike lane in order to make a right turn (unless there is a dedicated right turn lane, of course). The idea is when there is a long line of cars stopped at a red light people turning right can slip past and make their turns; it improves traffic flow for everybody. Except, of course, when some jackhole sees you coming down the bike lane and pulls over to the right, preventing you from passing and making you wait until the light turns green and he moves on before you can make your turn.

    The other side of the coin is the driver who refuses to enter the bike lane when making a right turn; instead, they stay in the rightmost through lane and slow down to 2MPH before making their turn. This is most often done when faster traffic in the middle/left lane is there to keep you trapped behind the MFFY Sloth.

    It's amazing how many people will try to block you no reason other than pure spite.

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    MFFY? I got miffys for you



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