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    Default More rabbits on the way!!

    This has been a daily deal for almost 36 hours. Yesterday at 10:00am there were only 30 sold. Now...

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    Default Re: More rabbits on the way!!

    12 bands you say? thats more than my redline and v1 together haha. Point at sky for greatest results*

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    Default Re: More rabbits on the way!!

    Does all the 12 bands work?

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    Default Re: More rabbits on the way!!

    Quote Originally Posted by dtraill27 View Post
    Point at sky for greatest results*
    Hahahaha those aerial LEOs are tough!

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    Default Re: More rabbits on the way!!

    A factory refurbished Cobra? Is that like polishing a turd?

    More rabbits, and more 33.6 Ka falses...
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