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    Default lidar ticket with 3000ft.

    okay, a supervisor from another dept at my workplace told me he got a ticket from a leo @ 82/65mph @ 2900ft. from a lidar gun in south dallas. it was written in the ticket. he went to court. the judge offer him a deal @ $75 off with probation judification. so my question is, wouldnt that distance be a case for dismissal? just out of curious..

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    Default Re: lidar ticket with 3000ft.

    Anything goes in a kangaroo court.

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    Default Re: lidar ticket with 3000ft.

    If the case is done then that sucks.if he still can fight it pm me and I'll send you some info to throw at the judge.

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    Default Re: lidar ticket with 3000ft.

    it depends what gun the leo's were using. some guns only have a suggested use of 2000 feet and under in the manual. if that was his case, he could easily of gotten it thrown out because it could be a user error.




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