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    Default Two Funny JustForLaughsTv Cop Videos

    The sad thing is... this is totally how cops behave... They are either show of force or sneaky jerks.

    Show of Force:


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    Default Re: Two Funny JustForLaughsTv Cop Videos


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    Default Re: Two Funny JustForLaughsTv Cop Videos

    That's a hoot

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    Default Re: Two Funny JustForLaughsTv Cop Videos

    As much as it is funny, it appears to be more of set up even with the people in the cars, why would someone pull up to a red light and then whine down all their windows, also, why would they already be slowing down long before they got to the light. Think about it, you were cruising down a country road at 55 would you even notice that light sitting off the side of the road before you were on top of it. It is completely out of place and most everyone would not even see it, and why did cars not back up behind the first car.

    Sorry for ruining the fun, but not funny when it is all completely staged.



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