I started a new job across town last week so I started a new commute. My general practice is to lay out for a week and see how the local cops setup their traps, but this commute is 90 miles round trip so I decided to bump my recon time to two weeks.

I'm now in day 8 of my 10 day reconnaissance. So far the entire commute has been fairly light on enforcement. On day 3 I caught what I believe to be a Fort Bend County Moto unit shooting a Truspeed but that was it.

Today, however, was the big day. On Day 8 TexDPS, Brazoria County Sheriff, Manvel PD, and Angelton PD were all shooting radar on Highway 6 over a distance of almost twenty miles. Two Brazoria Country crown vics were shooting very selective moving IO K band at on-coming traffic. They were so good I kept thinking I was getting falses. Manvel and Angelton both shot Stationary Ka from side lots. And the best of all was TexDPS slicktop which was running moving REAR IO Ka at cars speeding up from behind. It took me almost 10 minutes to finally figure out what was going on with all the full bar Ka band hitting me at half mile increments.

So the lesson here is to always do reconnaissance when you start a new commute.