You know, I've been thinking in the wake of the terrible tragedy that happen with a Tesla driver.

But the experience leads to me wonder, why any one driver or manufacturer would want to offer such technology, I am mystified by this. The liability alone I would expect to be high.

I've been dismayed by the onset of so much technology in the automobile of late, starting with Audi years ago and now culminating itself in one degree or another with just about every manufacturer. What has happened to this society? I don't get it. Self parking cars, self driving cars, it's crazy. It's the continued dumbing down of the driving community. I remember when I took my driving test that one of the requirements that drivers had to park properly in a tight space. People who are raised relying on technology to do the work, may never learn such basic skills. Drivers that have, may lose the skill by relying on the car to do the work for them.

I can't understand why would any driver want the car to do the driving? What happened to the notion of driving for the sake of driving pleasure?

If distracted driving is being outlawed for drivers using their cell phones, how does that distraction compare to complete distraction and inattentiveness by letting the car handle the driving.

I say this, for those that are interested in leaving the driving to something else, either be a passenger in carpool or take the train.