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    Default Escort 8500 question

    Ok, I just bought the Escort 8500 and I have a quick question. In noticed over the last week passing by two LEOS that my 8500 only picked up a slight k-band signal 1-2 bars at most (in auto mode). Each of the LEOS were hiding perpendicular to the road and not head-on. Is there a reason why the 8500 wouldn't have picked up a stronger signal?

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    It's pretty likely that the officer had a handheld gun laying in the passenger seat still on. Radar is easily blocked or reflected.

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    Default ya true that

    Often times a Leo will leave there gun on when they go in to get there doughnuts etc lol manly because they are to lazy to turn it off but hey im fine with that it lets me know where they lazy butt is sitting from like a mile plus away ya know... Or it could have been because the radar was being blocked by buildings.. or the fact of his angle to the road ie similar to photo radar i have been wondering about this for awhile if they position them selves a certain way it might lead to less of a warning from the Leo to a detector user so this may have been done intentally or he or she might have been quick triggering or other words using pulse/pop as this doesn't always give of a very strong signal even if pop is on if at a distance

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