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    Default Sell or return for discount?

    A few weeks ago my non-X50 Passport 8500 started getting a lot of laser falses. I foolishly assumed the detector was failing and while speaking with Escort's tech support, I learned I could get a new X50 for $50 less if I bought one and returned an older 8500. I'd been thinking about upgrading anyway, so I went ahead and ordered one. I have another week or so to send my old one in, but I've learned in the meantime that there was nothing wrong with the old one; that the laser falses were due to new radar equipment at the local airport. D'oh! ops:

    So now I have a perfectly good Passport 8500 (non-X50). I'm thinking I could sell it for more than the $50 Escort will give me, no?

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    yes you could.

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    My X50 gets laser falses around Lockheed Martin and Dobbins Air Force Base.

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    Welcome Moosehead. Most air ports have an infrared device that set's off the laser on Bel/Escort models. I have tested this before. For some reason, the V1 hasn't gone off around that same airport. Mk




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