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    Default Escort Passport 5000 info needed

    Hi Escort fans!

    I am looking for an owners manual or a quick tutorial on a Passport 5000 I came upon.

    The escort site did not go beyond the 6800 model for downloadable manuals.

    I am getting alerts with auto mutes at the local grocery store..not sure what the display is all about?

    Any info or leads are appreciated!

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    You can cancel auto-mute by holding the mute button and cycling the power. Pretty much covers it. I have a manual somewhere.......


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    Thanks Bill,

    The multiple peak and strength bars had me far it has gone off at the grocery store...which is my most consistent source of strong X band...and my testing source. I had a few stray K braps as well.

    I dont think the locals use Ka or laser.

    If you find the manual let me know.

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    I think I fried the display monkeying with an older corvette cigarette lighter....the lighter socket is "tricky" my old Cincinnati Microwave detector only works when the spring things on the insert plug in are positioned at 11 and 5 O'clock.

    The 5000 didn't work when I tried all "degrees on the clock" insertion positions.

    So I turned the detector on and twisted the plug in until it found the the message display for auto mute is gone - the mute still happens, but no visuals on the right hand side of the display...the left to right cursor that scans only scans the left half of the display now...Ive had the detector for two days!

    I am happy with the range of this model - it beats the old monster size 1985 Escort.



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