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    ok i drive a dodge intrepid es('97)and i was just wanting to make sure that mounting my x50 in the very top factory tint band did not affect radar performance. i know its bad for laser but i dont run into laser to often so not really a biggie. its(x50) mounted just above my RVM and is at the bottom of the tint band. you have to look hard into the tint band to see it but you can. hoping this location will keep my x50 out of the sun and a lot cooler instead of taking direct sunlight.

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    it shouldnt affect radar so much, but like you said laser take a big dip down not only cuz its high but also cuz of the tint

    BTW I have mine sitting a little below the tint next to my RVM where it soaks up all the direct Texas sun it can get, and it still works perfectly

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    It should work fine!



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