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    Default Escort 8500 X50 Hardwire (w/ Pictures)

    Hi all, this is my first post... anyway when i got a car i knew i had to have a nice detector so i installed this 8500 X50 in my 2001 Mercury Mountaineer....

    It looks like its resting on the rearview mirror, but its not its just the angle i took the picture at. I was pretty lucky because the suction cups rest on the tinted part of the mirror, but the detector itself is just below it so it wont interfear with Lidar, and there is still enough room to close the sunshade without them touching.

    I figured id put a switch on it so i didnt have to screw up my volume settings to turn it off, and that way if im in Virginia and I see the PO, I can switch it off just incase. Feedback appreciated! [/img]

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    Very nice install.......... The switch was a great idea for the volume and Leo's sniffing for detectors.

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    Have you actually detected LIDAR that high up.? I have never picked up LIDAR in my F150 and mine is mounted near the dash. Actually just got done reading an email from Escort. They said mount it low as possible for best LIDAR detection.

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    Thats a great install...



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