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    Well I'm pretty disappointed in Escort's customer service. I had an SRX installed 3 weeks ago by the dealer. I'd like to install the bicolor led and haven't gotten a reply from the dealer about whether they can get it from Escort or not. It shows as an option with the SRX but apparently is standard with the SR7. So I call Escort customer service and ask them if it is available with the SRX. They won't tell me. In fact they refuse to discuss anything about the SRX. They tell me that any questions I have must go through the dealer. Wow $2300 for an install and Escort refuses to discuss anything about a unit they make. I can understand the units are installed by a dealer but you would think Escort could answer questions about the unit. To add insult to injury I ask to speak with a supervisor and after being given a hard time they tell me he's at lunch. I ask for voice mail and when I get it it says that he's out until Thursday. Some lunch. I would not recommend the SRX at this point. There is zero customer service or support from Escort.

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    What's wrong with that answer??? The dude probably is "out to lunch."
    He's more than likely "out to lunch" a lot of the time he's there and they are just telling you the truth.

    Belscort isn't known for it's customer service thats for sure.



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