34.496 kustom sig / 36.074 bee 3 or kustom sig / 33.675--bee 3/ 35.510 kustom signals/ Got a pop alert like 5-6 times while coming towards a officer over hill he was about 2 miles infront of us over two steep hills impressive distance... Then as i was going over the second hill i caught out of the corner of my eye a cop had a guy pulled over on the right hand side of the road almost same spot as the cop the other day that was shooting laser from there... Then i turned around and then another cop showed up there with his lights on looked to be a drug bust of some sort lol!! ha ha anyhow then as i was going the other way back and forth up and down us-2 another escanaba cop infront of me perfect targeting was targeting people with pop and ka for about 10-11 blocks on and off hed hit em with pop then go instant on ka on them. So it seems there doing the right thing but the first guy i think got a ticket using pop mode which isn't right but whatever ???

Anyhow later all!!