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    Default How close is to close?

    How far can you be from a radar gun until it gets your READING or SPEED? Just always wanted to know that, i always slow down when the detection is low on the 8500 but wondered how long i really have to slow down

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    Default hmm

    I think jimbonzz would be better at answering this question but ill answer what i know ... my bushnell dsp k band gun i can catch you from a 1/4 mile away... most police radar has alot more range more like atlest 1/2 mile range i think its like 1000 1500 ft or something like that on some but some have more than others as ive stated in previous forums some guns have more power than others... id just slow down at the first alert just to be safe but thats just me.... if its alerting you and you know its not a false slow down..

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