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    Default POP and Cobra Detectors

    Today I was traveling down the road and stoped at a stop light. I looked over and saw a Cobra mounted in the car beside me. I thought to myself, this is a great time to test POP and the leaky Cobra thoery. I reached for my X50 and turned POP on. I drove beside, behind, as well as infront of him but my POP never went off. Is it certain Cobra's that set POP off? I never got an alert. I've always been told Cobra's are Leaky and they will always cause POP falsing......

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    Not all Cobras cause falsing, but I don't know why. Maybe it's certain models, or maybe if certain features are turned on in the Cobra (I've read that turning VG2 and Spectre on on the Cobra that it causes the POP falses).
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    I've gotten plenty of POP falses from cobra detectors. They don't always go off though. Probably depends on the model.

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    yeah i've heard the same thing, but never experienced it myself. probably because i have pop turned off haha.



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