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    Default So, My 8500 X50R is back from repair...

    So, I got my X50 back today...

    So, I drag it out and plug it in, and what's the first thing I see?

    It doesn't false on Laser ever 2 seconds now. But the Self Cal message worries me. The scanning Dot froze on me within the first 10 minutes. But other than that it looked good.

    Just an FYI, all Detectors that go back to the repair shop don't get updated. I'm still running Rev. 5, I didn't get the 6.1 update. :-(

    Here we go again. Now, where can I get a good hardwire kit from?

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    Sorry to hear that...... My X50 hasn't had any issues yet but I have heard some horror stories. It's been 2 years and counting I have to say, I'm crossing my fingers. By the way, Do you take yours in at night and put it in the glove box durning the day? Just wondering.... I've babied mine since I've had it and it's been good to me.

    Oh, How did you get that great Gif of your detecter in motion. I would like to make a similar pic of mine... thanks

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    Did it only Self Cal that one time? Maybe they forgot to clear the memory after they calibrated it, so the computer had to recalibrate itself to the newly tuned LO frequency.

    Of course, if it starts doing it repeatedly, shows Service Required, or your scanning dot freezes again, time to send it back again...

    BTW, the 6.1 revision is for the newer hardware platform they're using on the new X50s. It doesn't apply to the platform that runs Rev. 5. That's why they didn't update the firmware.
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    you shouldn't accept anything screwing up, especially when you just get it back from hq. i had my unit freezing up about a year after i got mine, sent it in (when it was out of warranty by a couple of weeks), but they still fixed it without charging me for it. up until the last day i had it, it never froze up on me again, nor gave me any problems whatsoever. i miss my x50, it definitely did me good!!

    oh yeah, and they updated my unit to REV 5 while they were at it.

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    I take mine in at night often, but due to where I work, I don't frequently remove it in the day. I've heard some people who've babied them last longer, others have the same issues so I'm undecided as to if babying actually saves it. As for the animation, I snapped a few close up photos and did some clever tweaking in Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady. If you want, message me and we'll figure out how to get you a nice animated radar detector :-)

    It only Self Cal'd that once. Then I set it up for my personal settings (NoX, Scanning Dot EXP Mode, etc.) and let 'er go. The dot froze after that, I unplugged it and it hasn't given me a worry since.

    I'd heard both reports, that nothing changed and that something did change. Since they listed "Updated Laser Circuit", I figured it was fair game to check. I was hopefull, but now I get how it works.

    Man, it's been a long time since I heard of Wesley Willis. Yeah, I shouldn't, but I figure I'll give it a week and see how it goes. They didn't charge me for this repair even though I'm certain I was > a year past the date I bought it. It's treated me well, and there are enough things I don't like about the V1 for me to even think about changing now.

    Either way, we'll see how this goes.

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    yeah, i was just saying that you should expect it to be fixed to tip top condition if you took the pains to send it in. not saying you should switch to the v1, the only reason i did was because my x50 got stolen and i wanted something new. x50 is a great detector, never had a problem with it besides the freezing. i saw some great range out of that thing. i hope it works good for you now!!

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    Oh I know, I was just saying.
    With the V1, The old school display (all the same color? No LED/LCD?)bothers me, the size/shape bothers me, and the lack of menus/configurability bothers me.

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    That BYTES. What a foul up. I hope they get the X50 squared away for you.

    On your points about the V1, I agree that the all-red lights are a severe brain-fart. I like the case design. I agree that the display really needs improvement (e.g. high-res LED device). Yes, the programming could be made easier. BUT, even with that, I'm just about to reorder a V1. It's sensitivity is just so excellent in my findings. And the arrows are simply indispensible. I ran RDs for a long time without arrows. I borrowed a friends V1 awhile back. I used a test unit just a short time ago. Then I ran the X50 for a test. It killed me not knowing where the signal was coming from.

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    Well, I finally got around to calling Escort. They're sending out a shipping label to return it. I'm now getting a good 4-8 "Service Required"'s a week. :(

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    I still have to send mine in... Went self cal the first week. Since owning the V1 now I guess im just being lazy on getting it out to them.

    Hopefully ill get it out next week though.



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