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    Most of all X50 users like the multiple band display. I have a question! Do double auto doors, Ie Walgreens set off two bands of K? Sometimes when I pass by different "false" areas I will sometime get a better detection of K then a weaker 2nd one. I know there is no actual police running radar because of the consistency of the alerts.

    Also what if lets say Wal Mart usually has 4 doors, would each door give off a K band alert? Only if they could track up to 4 on each band, that would be excellent.

    Ill go by these places to double check for myself.

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    I wouldnt think so, I think they are on the same frequency so it would only display one.

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    They might be close, but very likely they are different enough to be considered a different source by most detectors. In fact, the V1 manual mentions that frequently microwave door openers will appear as multiples on the bogey counter, since there might be one for IN and one for OUT, or even multiple doors on some businesses...




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