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Thread: X50 settings?

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    Default X50 settings?


    I just bought my first radar detector (x50 red) after reading many many reviews. I am wondering what is the most optimal settings (ie. yes X or no X) for the radar detector (I make daily drives on the 10 freeway (Santa Anita Ave to New Ave)).


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    - I would leave all bands on except Pop(off)-- this is factory setting

    - put the scrolling dot (.-> , +-> , -->)-- its just too cool

    - expert mode

    - city low X

    - tone loud

    I would run in on H all day except if it gets annoying (which i doubt it) use auto or city

    Mount high and drive safe!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by f_399

    I would run in on H all day except if it gets annoying (which i doubt it) use auto or city

    Mount high and drive safe!!!
    Also keep on Automute if it gets 'annoying' in the city (which it shouldnt).

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    So, for expert mode, (I currently reading the manual) theres three reading outputs (very weak, weak, strong).

    Because of the large number of K band security systems around my area (supermarkets esp), is there a pattern of strength or a certain situation where I can be sure there is a cruiser?

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    Oh yeah, and can anyone confirm or refute that there is X band in my area (626 Arcadia)?

    X band constantly has false alarms

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    My settings are in my signature, which are perfect for where I live (southwest FL). By law, LEOs can't use X-band in Florida anymore. So I have it turned off in CITY mode. I keep it on for AUTO or HWY just in case I'm out of town and some local yokel is using a 1974 X-band radar; I don't feel like having to drive to a clown court to try to get it overturned.

    To customize your X50, I'd recommend getting a feel for what is and isn't being used in your area. There is a section on the main page of this board called "Speed traps" that lists the bands used in the different states. Use it with discretion, though. Real-world experience will teach you more.

    X-Band falses like a mother in any decent size city. Thank goodness I don't have to worry about it here.



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