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    Default Prioritizing Test Signals

    It so happened that i had a local PD patrol in front of me at a stoplight with constant on Ka radar. I decided to test if the signal audio alert with prioritize the signal. Will a Ka band alert over ride a K alert? I turned on my on board K band police radar and tried it a couple times while we were waiting for the light to turn to green. The verdict is, the K band alert over ride the Ka band alert. Tried it several times with Ka band speed sign and did the same thing. I believe that the prioritizing alert is not based on Ka or K band over X band or Ka over K band. I believe it is based on how strong the signal is. The stronger signal over rides the weaker signal. Same thing as the V1.

    Lesson to learned. Don't ignore K band alert even if you get a Ka band alert. V1 owners, don't rely on bogey counter, they are not accurate. You'll get 2-4 bogey's. Just want to share with you this experience.

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    Thanks. That's useful to know.



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