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    Default trying to decide between 8500 and the x50

    my friend has an 8500, the non x50, and as far as i can tell its always worked great for him, and myself the few times i've borrowed it. i decided its time i take the plunge and pick one up myself to save on a future speeding ticket.

    i ran a quick search on the forum, and i noticed a lot of threads about the x50s having misc. problems and not being much better than the normal 8500. i'm planning on buying on ebay, so i'm kind of concerned about having problems with the x50

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    DONT BUY OFF EBAY!!!!!!!!!! theyre cheap, but theres usually something wrong with um....Id get a new X50 because, it works well, AND you get the factory warranty with buy from Radar Roy ( PM him on this forum and he'll probably give you a discount...and if you do have a problem with it call or whatever, send in the bad one and hell send you a new one, and take care of the stuff with the manufacturer himself



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