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    Default 8500 Acting up (false alarms, readings, etc) Any advice....

    Hi Radar Detector Enthusaists (sp),

    My beloved Escort 8500 has been acting up the past few there anywhere I can send it in to get "reset" or fixed. I called Escort and they want $75.00 to just look at it...any thoughts, suggestions, ideas...?

    Thanks so much.

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    Time to buy another one. My 8500 did the same thing years ago, then I bought a 8500 x50 and it started doing the same thing after two years, so I went out and bought a Bel RX65.
    I turned off the "X" band and "Laser" on the Escort and stuck in on the back window of my SUV with the RX65 riding up front. I also put VEIL on the front headlights.

    Funny, but my antique 7500 is still wrong great, just like the day I bought it (the wife is using that one on her SUV).



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