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    Default X-50 Out of Tune

    I bought my X-50 Blue factory direct from escort back in october 2005 for $185. It's already out of tune. I never dropped it, I take it off the dashboard when leaving the car, and I put it back in its case when being transported. The unit is giving weird X-band alerts in areas where there are no x-band before. The alert is also annoying because it starts halfway and disappears after 2 seconds. It appears as if the car in front of me is getting instant-on x-band. I also notice I have poor Ka Band performance. Our EZ-Pass radars here in NJ have constant on Ka band. The radar detector has less than 50 feet detection range starting at 85% signal and going to 100% once I reach the source. I also notice that sometimes it gives no advance alerts and I receive a signal after I pass the ez pass toll plaza. The detector is mounted halfway up my windshield with a clear view of the road ahead. I also noticed that GSP is now getting very annoying with cops having the LTI marksman lidar guns. I am in the market for Laser pro park, anyone know when we will be able to buy some? Also, I spoke with escort, they will recalibrate it for me at no charge, but is there any way to purchase an extended warranty for my product?

    Dont get me wrong, I love my escort radar detector but if its so out of tune already, I shudder to think what will happen in the future.


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    Default reset

    Have you tried using the reset feature? This might help. I recommend doing it at least once a week w/ a BelEscort.

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    By all means take Escort up on their offer and send the X50 back for a checkup, since it's free of charge in your case. Have you had any Self-Cal messages or Service-Required messages displayed? (that's a heck of a good price you paid, did you send in an older unit for credit ?)

    The situations you have described however, make me wonder if the X50 is just fine, and it is some local interference. Do you have a windshield mounted toll transponder, that could be part of this which is setting off the X50? Also do you have any fancy automobile proximity security alarms installed, as some of those use microwave frequencies. Perhaps a new cell phone or GPS? and never run a second RD at the same time with the X50.

    Might get a second opinion, by running the X50 in another vehicle. Also, unless you know they still run X in your area, I would consider turning it off.

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    NJ state troopers run X-Band. Also, I do have EZ Pass mounted on my windshield. I need to reset the unit and try again. I bought the radar detector through an employee accomodation program through Bestbuy, which retails the Escort X50 at $289. I no longer work there and I am happy to say it was a fantastic bargain. I will probably send it back to escort since they will do a thorough going over with it. The question still remains, will I be able to upgrade to an extended warranty?

    I have never received any self calibration messages since I purchased the unit.

    What are the procedures to hard reset the unit?

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    do you drive a car with metallic tinted windshield?

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    my window does not have metallic tint, it does however have a black strip at the top of the window.

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    I did a hard reset on the unit, it stopped falsing X so much, but I still think it wants to do it. Ive noticed it get ultra sensitive to every tiny x band alert it gets but I guess it will have to do for now. The Ka Band is still fairly poor, im gonna try mounting it higher..

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    You just have to get used to all the falses. You have to be alert and realize when it is a false and when it is a LEO. It's not the radar detector's fault that there is some other device out there transmitting on the same frequencies, it doesn't know the difference. However, if you think your escort is bad on falsing, try getting a V1 and see how much more that falses..

    Mount it as high as you can but without putting it in front of the tinted strip. Make sure it's pointing forward or a little to the ground (to pick up radar bounced off the tar, this is where most of radar waves come from). Just make sure it's not pointing at all to the sky.

    If the X band falsing is too much for you, try Low X or No X feature. Make sure you shut off POP. It's been shown that shutting off POP increases K and possibly KA band range by a little more than a few feet.

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    yeah, it still does the annoying instant-on x-band false alarms. I thought the x50 had POP off by default? and I need good x-band alert for NJ troopers

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    I'm sending the unit in, today it really annoyed me. I get to work where theres a private parking lot and no alerts for miles. I get out of work at the end of the day, I was sitting in the car with the RD on, and it randomly falses a X-Band Instant-on alert. It went for 3 seconds and then disappeared. This radar detector is definitely defective it sits quiet for 4-5 mins and then starts falsing like that. Full blast too...



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