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    Hello all. I was wondering, I just received my Passport 8500 and tried it out, only once so far and had it in city mode. My K band went off but only to one block, once 2 than back to 1, very low signal. I saw the cop a little off to my left at the light not to far away. I was wondering if my radar is not working too good or should i set it to highway mode.

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    Your detector is probably fine. I had an almost identical experience the first or second time I tried my X50. When I drove through the area a couple days later, I got an identical alert but this time there was no cop. Turns out the alert is from an automatic door and it gets stronger whenever it bounces off an approaching car.

    You said you were in city mode, so I assume you were in the city. Are there any automatic doors nearby? Try driving past the same place and see if you get the same alert.

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    aren't the auto/highway/city modes are for xband?
    Keep in mind that radar from the side is very hard to detect, I've even driven past cops perpendicular to me and not had a full K bar....



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