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    Default X50 falling apart...

    Well I started getting tons of false laser hits everytime I powered it on and occasionally while driving so I turned it off. I think I have had the "Service" pop up on me.

    Also I posted up awhile back about the casing being broke, didnt get to many responses or answers so ill ask again. The top housing, one of the three screw holes (plastic nipple) is broke so the back end is kind of loose. Is there any way of purchasing just the top portion?

    Also how much do they usually charge to send it in for the Service popping up?

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    it's like $85, i don't know if you can purchase the buttons separetly, i've never seen anyone selling them

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    call escort talk to them they seem to be pretty good and if you have a authorized dealer one it shouldnt be too much to fix... Not worth getting a new detector over

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    Ive heard that its like 50 bucks +S/H for service....but that was a while ago that I saw this



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