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    Default New user! Anyone have a PDF Manual for Escort 4600?

    Hello All,

    Just signed up as a new user. Neat forum! Have a SOLO S2 (hardwired), wife has a Cobra (I know, no range), Escort 4600 for the truck and a Valentine 1 that I get to use once in a while. (Owned a Whistler 1190 SW before, now mom has it, and tried out countless other units...)

    Anyway, I got this Escort 4600 cheap for the truck (use it on weekends here and there). I am confused to see that there is no CITY button/setting for the X band. Does anyone have a manual for this unit? I hope there is some combo of button pushings to set this, I am missing because it picks up every useless X band signal in town!!! Thanks!


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    Thanks for the quick reply! I do not see an area about a CITY mode. I guess I have to live with the X band "alerts", or dump this thing for something tha has a CITY mode (LOTS of X band alarms in the area, but NO x band radar. At least the SOLO lets you completely disable X band. Thanks again!



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