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    Default dropped solo 2 too many times?

    I had the Solo 2 for 1.5 years. However, it had one of those older-style suction cups that were too weak (they would melt) and so this summer my Solo 2 kept falling off the windshield onto the dash. I would remember to take the RD off, but on some days, I would forget.

    Anyways, this last time that it fell, I put it the bracket back on the suction cups, turn on the detector and it powered up fine, no Self-Cal or anything.

    I was beginning to think that this was one sturdy piece of electronics.

    However, it stopped catching the K-band alerts from the "your speed" signs near where I live. This leads me to believe that something internally got messed up, or maybe miscalibrated. Actually, it hasn't detected anything fora few days now.

    So a few q's:

    1) Is there some sort of recalibration mode I could maybe trigger?
    2) Does anyone repair these, and if so, how much does that usually cost?
    3) Or is my unit hosed and should head for the trash?

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    You could try a reset. Turn the unit off, hold down mute and dim while poweering on. Should flash reset on the screen and revert back to the factory settings. That normally gets it for me when my RX65 does strange things.



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