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    Default 8500 going back for repairs...

    I called Escort this morning because my mother's 8500, Rev 13 has been acting up. It has been intermittently showing "Service Required" and random full Ka blasts that don't stop till it is turned off. When I asked about a buyback for a newer model, the fellow told me that they would give $50 toward an x50. I asked if it was worth it, he told me that if it were him, he would have this unit repaired, that the antenna tuning was a miniscule difference and the POP is not really necessary. I am pretty certain that we don't have POP in Houston, (I have it turned off on my V1) so that is cool with me, but how much better than the regular 8500 is the x50? Is it worth an upgrade to a new unit? I bought my wife an x50 last year, but I have not spent a lot of time with it. Please let me know. Thanks!


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    the regular 8500 is a good detector, it's worth it getting fixed

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    I owuld bote for getting the 8500 repaired

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    There are two things you can do:

    1) Sell it on ebay for about $125 you would be getting more than double than what escort would give you.

    2) Send it for repairs if you don't need POP you don't need the X50 the different between both i don't think is that huge. The original 8500 is a really good RD, there should be a new unit comming out next year so you might want to save for it.



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