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    Default The X50s back from Repair And!....

    So I sent my X50 in last week usps and just got it back today, way less then a week turn around, I'm so impressed.

    My X50 Red was acting up, off axis ka-band and k-band range was very limited and I wasn't happy with how it was working compared to the other X50 I had, and compared to how well this X50 was working before the past 2 months.

    So, I get it back today, thinking they probably didn't fix anything, they tested it and sent in back the same day...but I read teh Customer repair information report and it says "Replaced Antenna and test" - I assume this means that they tested my RD, found it to not be working correctly and then replaced the antenna with a new one.

    Does this mean I have one of the newer antennas or the same kind of Antenna that was in my X50 before?


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    check the FCC id on the bottom of the case, should have something with M4 in it if you have the new antenna, also hold the mute, mode, and dim buttons down then power the unit on with the buttons still pressed, rev number should display, 5.1 or less and its the old antenna (FCC id QKL8500 i think mine is rev 5 and thats what it says) 6.1 and I believe you have the new internals. let us now how the repairs helped.



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