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    Default A few quick questions

    If i get a weak signal on any band except laser, does that mean that the LEO does not have my speed, but I have detected his presence? This is what I have been assuming. My other question is would my x50 become damaged if I left it in the car while I was in class or at work?

    Oh and when I need a LEO to test on I can't find one!!! lol.

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    Basically yes.
    but be careful, especially on ka band, where i've seen a weak signal ramp up extremely quick to a full blast lock on.

    the same goes for any band around hilly or curvy roads, since reflections can bounce around.
    until you get a feel for how it performs, it's better to be a little more cautious than suddenly get pulled over wishing you had "listened" to it more closely.

    And any laser alert will come across "full blast"

    i would be more concerned about theft than i would damage.

    during the summer months i would take it down, since letting it sit in the hot sun can possibly cause issues, as some have reported.

    during the winter it should be fine, but again, i'd be more concerned with theft.

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    Yea, just take it down and put it in the glove compartment or even under the seat. Just keep it under the seat. And yea, Ka can be a little tricky, especially if you have some heavy traffic ahead of you blocking the radar signal.

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    In my usual driving area, I have all the K band falses memorized. If I see an out of the usual K band, an extra K band (always keep it in expert mode) or i'm just not sure, I always slow down.

    Ka falses with the X50 are virtually non-existant, so I would slow down to the posted speed limit as fast as possible under any detection of a Ka signal. 99% of the time, if you get any Ka signal detection, you will see the cop within seconds.

    I have X-band and POP completely turned off for my area. I have seen POP used, but it's never used without conjunction of a Ka signal as well in my area. The POP falses just weren't worth it (most of my POP falses were from Cobra's)



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