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    Default Need protection.

    Okay, I am driving to San Angelo, TX from Las Vegas. I have been reading the forum for sometime, and I must admit I am totally lost. You fellas sound like pure experts, and I am for sure the amature. I need professional advice. So he is my situation, I have a 2004 Silverado SS Onyx Black (non metallic). I dont know how to post a pic or I would. Nearly everything on the front to include the bumper is black, I even have a black powder coated grills. Now from what I understand from my reading black is a good color for not reflecting laser. I would estimate better then 80% of the front of my truck is black. My weak points are my lights, license plate (required) and my billet/crome bowtie (chevrolet emblem). I am thinking I can us veil on my lights, and my bowtie, and a laser shield on my plate. On my rear plate I will use the super protector. I always keep all bands enabled on my X50, highway mode, POP on, it is mounted about 1/3 up my windshield, dead center. I am very framilar with the use of a RD, i.e. rabbits, pacing, scanning the horizon, situational awareness.

    What else can I do to protect myself? Am I missing anything? Right now a Laser Jammer is not in the budget.

    Thanks in advance. Oh and if anyone needs to see a frontal shot of my truck I would be more then happy to email it to you.

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    you host the image on photobucket and copy the url, veil for the headlights and laserhield for the plate sounds like a good idea for now but if lidar is used heavily a blinder might be necessary, oh and good rd choice

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    sounds like you're setup pretty good.
    maybe a CB radio if it'll work. works well at finding speed traps ahead of time.
    I'm sure you know this, but beware of NHP, they are tight with instant on, so be careful.

    Also if you are taking I-10 and decide to stop in Phoenix, beware of the 101 loop. they have photo cameras and the Superprotector will NOT work against these. the PSL is 65. the cameras take a pic at 11 over, so keep it under about 74 to be safe, unless there is a cop around, then 65.

    AZ DPS has k and ka. same with most sheriff and locals along the way.
    word is DPS has some laser up in PHX area, so be mindful.

    There is no x in AZ. if you travel off the beaten path, i would leave it on just in case, i do.
    any route along the 10 and the only x band will be falses.

    i'm sure someone from NM and TX can chime in for the rest of the trip.



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