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    Default ok so i got another x50 today after giving the rx65 back..

    i made up my mind that the rx65 was not the best for me. i missed the exp mode on the x50 and the blue display and also i personally feel the x50 performed better then the rev 6.1 rx65 did here. i drove around where i had normal warnings with the x50 and the rx65 did not impress. dont get me wrong it was a great unit but i think i def had longer warnings with the x50. also some places i know are k falses read ka on the rx65 not sure why?? anyway i scored a unit that was a month old a customer of ours bought at best buy.. rev 6.1. he asked me to install his amp and deck for him. he told me then he was selling his x50 since he went back to his v1.. i said ill install the amp and deck you give me the x50.. it looks flawless and he gave me the best buy reciept from when he bought it.

    the question is how can i get the full warranty in my name. he never registered it or sent in the papaerwork?? can i just simply register it in my name ?? or should i call escort and they switch it over?? not bad for an hour and a half worth of work...

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    yep just register it to your name



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