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    Default K band going CRAZY

    I've had my escort for about 2 weeks now and at least once every time I drive somewhere the K warning will go crazy, it suddenly starts going off with full bars across the display. It wont stop by itself so I have to turn off the detector and turn it back on. My friend has the same exact escort and we had them both in his truck one day, mine did the crazy K band thing and his did nothing. Anyone have this or know what is going on? Any response will help. Thanks!

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    Hope you didn't buy it from ebay. If you bought it from an authorized delear just exchange it, if not, send it to escort so they woud fix it

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    Yeah I did get it off of ebay. The seller told me if there was any problems with it I can send it back and he will exchange it. I'm thinking thats what I'm gonna do if this isnt just something I can fix myself. Has there been a history of detectors bought from ebay being screwed up?

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    there is a big history of people buying RD from ebay being bad, then agian some are actually lagit and are good, just the luck of the draw really and you improve your chances of getting a good one by doing a little research and stuff...

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    Default watch it

    Watch those ebay detectors. If it's an older model I am not as concerned. With a newer model, that concerns me a bit. Try resetting the unit and if you still have problems, send it back to Escort.



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