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    Default Passport 8500 X50 Worldwide usage

    Can I use my X50 outside of the states.
    I want to use my USA Escort in Spain.
    Will the detector work or are all countries radar band slightly different and the the escort will need to be ajusted accordingly to work in Spain.

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    It should work fine unless they use rare Ku band in Spain. I forget which european countries have a few Ku guns.

    The X50 won't work that well against forward facing Ka speed cameras such as Multanova, you need a detector that has Ka narrow band mode for that.

    Detectors that have narrow band Ka option: V1, Bel 975R and a few other Bel remote mounted detectors.

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    Thanks for the info. In between waiting for an anwser I figuered out I would be better of getting a Bel.

    I do not want to double post so I have started a thead in the Bel section.



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