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    Default Firmware version of Escort Solo S2? Any way to check?

    I'm aware of the 'hold-button-power-on' method for checking the firmware version of the X50's, but does anyone know if there's a way to check it on the Solo S2? I just got one today and am curious to see if my Solo S2 is relatively new... the device ID is QKLSM2 but I can't figure out how to check the firmware version....

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    Default Checking firmware revision

    It would appear that performing a reset to factory defaults shows the revision. Instructions are in the manual but...

    Hold down the mute and the mode buttons and power on the unit.

    Mine (supposedly brand new w/ latest firmware) reports Rev 17. I would like to know what yours shows.

    Also, mine has different default settings from those shown in the manual and the auto power off options are different from those in the online manual. Instead of simply auto power off being set to either on or off mine has three options:

    The specific difference in default settings is that the manula says standard tones are the default. Mine resets to loud tones as the defualt.


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    Thanks, that worked to show the rev #... mine is rev17 as well (purchased it in mid-December)....

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    No problem. Glad to help. I guess that means that yours must have the same software differences mine has (as detailed above).



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